MysticWealth Poker Tournament

Come participate and test your skills at MYSTICWEALTH Poker Tournament this coming Saturday on 12th/Sep/2020.



Simply Log into your 9stacks account.

If you don't have an account with them, please use this referral code 96MANISHD  to get some goodies. 

Once you log-in, go to Tournaments, select All from bottom scroll and search for MysticWealth.

Click on the register button and enter edseykota (all lowercase) when asked for password.

The total entry fees is Rs 220/ to participate in the tournament. (9stacks fees + pool money, we at Mysticwealth are doing it for sheer joy of it)

As the number of participants increase, the prize pool will start balooning and we will have top 03 winners who take the cake.

There is also a progressive knockout, you get money when you knockout someone from the tournament.

And here is the Kicker.

The winner of the tournament gets ANNUAL membership of either (your choice) #MWM or #MWV. Details here


So while we cannot go out to have fun because of corona, lets bring fun home. Spread the word by clicking on the share button below, lets see if we can have a decent turnout.