MWM (Momentum)

MWM (MysticWealth Momentum) is our flagship Offering available as a smallcase.




If you are new to Momentum investing, Please read this blog we wrote for Moneycontrol.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is MWM?

MysticWealth Momentum smallcase is one of the longest-running and best-performing momentum portfolios on smallcase. It had a drawdown of -9% in the entire corona fall. The inbuilt cash call safeguards it from steep falls. It has also successfully captured the 2017 rally and 2020-21 bull phase. It is a wonderful way to get Momentum factor exposure in your portfolio.


How’s the performance like, and what to expect?

MWM is an aggressive strategy to capture the momentum alpha, It outperforms the broader markets in bull run, tries to fall lesser than the benchmarks in bear markets and struggles in range bound slow falling markets. So historically, it rode the entire 2003-2007 bull run, had 30% drawdown in 2008 sub prime crises, Rode the 2009-10 recovery. Had a bad 2011. Similarly in latest past, it rode the modi rally of 2014, did not fall much in 2016, did well in 2017 but Struggled in 2018 (28% draw down) , was able to avoid corona crash and basically nailed 2020-21. 


What is the Stock universe and how do you avoid sector concentration?

MWM is market cap and sector agnostic, however our liquidity and other filters ensure that we usually stay away from BSE only listed stocks.


What is the churn and what are the TAX implications?

Historically, 980 trades were taken in a period of 10 years. It is safe to assume that we would be paying STCG (Short term capital gain) tax on our profits. 


Why can’t I just buy UTI Momentum Mutual fund?

We get asked this question a lot, here is a detailed answer.


Markets are Over bought/Oversold Right now, Is this the right time to buy.

This is another most common questions, here is a detailed answer.


How can I Avail this Factor Research.

We have tied up with Smallcase for ease of execution You can subscribe to our smallcase directly.

SmallCase Subscription


How are trades Executed ?

MWM smallcase members receive an email on Monday with an actionable button to activate the recommended changes. They can also log in to their smallcase account (broker a/c as well or the app) to see the proposed changes.

We recommend you subscribe to Newsletter which is sent every weekend updating you on the changes well in advance. Read this blog for details.