MWV (Value)

MWV is the value portfolio of Mystic wealth that invests in inefficiencies arising out of corporate restructuring (Spin-offs). We also practice GARP (Growth at reasonable price).

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This portfolio is managed by Dayanand Deshpande  who is considered an authority on Special Situation Investing in India.


Frequently Asked Questions



MWV (MysticWealth Value) is a discretionary portfolio that invests in companies coming out of corporate restructuring like demergers(spin offs). Watch this Webinar detailing our work


Do you invest in All demergers?

No, Spinoffs and demergers are just our favorite hunting grounds. Various quantitative and qualitative checklists are applied to filter out the final candidates worth investing.


Why Spin-off Investing?

Historically, back tests suggest both in India and US that it is an ANOMALY and even a simple buy and hold done on companies that announced demerger without any filters and checklists beat the daylights out of benchmarks.


What is the stock Universe?

MWV is sector agnostic. While MWV smallcase restricts itself to NSE stocks only. There are NO restrictions on MWV website.


What is the churn and what are the TAX implications?

We usually hold our winners for more than an year. The churn can be big at market extremes but usually this is a not so active portfolio.


Isn’t value Dead?

We at MysticWealth believe that Strategy is like a dog. And every dog has its day.  MWV was the darling of clients in years 2011-14 (40% cagr) , now its clocking 18% cagr (2017-21). Idea is to stick to your allocation and ride the entire cycle.


How can I Avail this Factor Research?


We have tied up with Smallcase for ease of execution You can subscribe to our smallcase directly.

Smallcase membership would entitle you to Value portfolio

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How are trades Executed ?

MWV smallcase members receive an email on Monday with an actionable button to activate the recommended (editable) changes.  They can also log in to their smallcase account (broker a/c as well or the app) to see the proposed changes.

We recommend you subscribe to Newsletter which is sent every weekend updating you on the changes well in advance. Read this blog for details.