A couple of years ago, I had a pleasure of receiving a reply from legendary Ed Seykota on his FAQ website. Ed Seykota, as you must know already...

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FAQ with Seykota.


Synergy.   Charlie Munger once said, If we have only one way of operating we suffer from what is called as a Man with a hammer Syndrome. The firs...

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Trading Vs Investing Monday morning, I woke up to passionate twitter discussion on Trading Vs Investing and should retail participate in derivatives. ...

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Traders Vs Investors Debate.


 This series is an attempt to introduce you to the world of Options and explore the possibilities. As a buy and hold investor, majority of us are not...

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Collar Option Strategy.


  I was just strolling through my Archive and found this one page no frill report I had written on Orient Cement Demerger Sure, because of the su...

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    Had an interesting Tweet chat the other day about Buy and hold, tactical timing and why majority of mutual fund customers end up losing ...

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Buy and hold baloney


An article in Mint Please read the above article before you read my blog below any further.. Now my Critique.Topic of the article above is Are Ulips b...

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Monster Boy ULIPS