SmallCase Rebalance.

How to guide.


Based on frequently asked questions around rebalance updates on our smallcase offering at Please read below the STEPS you need to follow for a seamless experience.

1. Subscribe to our blog on website. That will give you access to our newsletter which publishes our weekly report that includes number of stocks we shall be adding/removing from smallcase on coming Monday. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you with unnecessary stuff.

2. Either on a Monday or Sunday night (Post 10:30 PM) go to our microsite / OR your app to see exact details of the changes like (Remove X and Buy Y)

3. Wait for the markets to open, let the markets settle down (you don’t want to buy stocks on first tick). NOW, execute the rebalance. Here is an important point. Smallcase will ADD incremental adds or exits other than the rebalanced stocks to match exact position size of other stocks. These will unnecessarily add to transaction cost. You can SIMPLY IGNORE these additional changes unless specifically requested in our newsletter.

4. If your portfolio size is BIG, we would recommend you to subscribe to our Website Product (MWM website) Please read this blog to know the difference between the two.

5. Minimum amount needed to run the smallcase is mentioned on our microsite, however we would recommend you to keep a buffer of 50k (margin of safety) to ensure that your order goes through on every rebalance. (New Sebi rules, you do not get 100% of margin on your sale)

Happy Investing.