Cheat Sheet.


A quick cheat sheet based on Charlie Munger and Nasim Taleb’s learning. (My understanding).

Rahul dravid and Not Sachin tendulkar.

Chai wala and Not dynasty

Charlie Munger and Not Warren buffett

Practitioner and not academician

CAR/DD and not total returns

Love and not attachment.

Minimalism and not possession.

Jagvir faujdar (Fat tony) and not Shashi tharoor.

Trump and not Hillary

Process and not results. (All individual brilliance is subject to 90% luck if not 100)

business and not slavery, err i mean salary

Direct and not Trail commissions

Single product offering (PPFAS) and not otherwise

a lot of small losses and not blow up

Prevention and not cure. (It is a lot easier to avoid triggering emotion rather than try to fight it; )

Simple and not complex. (Price action and Not indicators)

Spirituality and not religion

Intelligence and not feminism (

Implementation (Application) and not Rules.

Profit and NOT NGO.

Stoic and not IYI

You are welcome to comment and add your own list below