MWO (MysticWealth Options)

MWO is Risk defined options book of Mysticwealth. It is an income generation strategy. We use idle cash/shares pledge to write credit spreads on Nifty.



You can check Past and Live PERFORMANCE here.


I am a working professional, do we need screen presence for this strategy?

No, The trend following overlay runs on an hourly timeframe and therefore around 8-10 decisions are taken in a month.


What are the Tax implications

Income tax department considers all income from F&O as business income and therefore will invite 30% tax.


How can I Avail this Model portfolio and HOW are trades Executed ?

After paying an annual subscription you will become a member of a wassapp broadcast and will receive Live feed of the trades taken. You will also get access to a google sheet that maintains all current and past transactions along with its performance graph.