Weekly update: for week ending 30th Dec, 2022

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Last 2 weeks have been really volatile for the Indian markets. December acted as a spoilsport for a lot of portfolios. It looks as if this was a shakeout to throw off the weak hands. While MMG and MWV were the strong hands (due to slow rebalance) touching distance from their All time highs, MWM took it on the chin with current drawdown at 17%.

Here is the yearly synopsis of BSE indices for your perusal.

















Here is a weekly update on our strategies.







MWM  gained 4% this week despite having so much cash in the books. Total returns stand at 245.24%Our Overall outperformance to benchmarks has come down to 149.25%. The current Drawdown stands at  -17.67%  We have averaged 23.65% CAGR since April 2017.













This week will have 1 Exit and 5 entries.


This year value has outperformed momentum. We covered this see-saw that happens in our presentation at decma..








MWV gained 5.28% this week recovering almost everything lost last week. Current return stands at 173.77% which is 18.84% CAGR since 2017. Current drawdown is 3.48% and our outperformance to benchmark is now at 77.78%





There are NO changes this week.




















MMG was up 2.81% this week. to close at 4.93% return so far with a drawdown at -1.66%. This is a 70/30 Equity-Gold allocation.

This Month will have 4 Exits and entries.

Watch this video to understand the POWER of Asset Allocation in Momentum Investing.







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Wish you all a very Happy new Year.


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