Weekly update: for week ending 2nd Dec, 2022

WEEK that was


A new high is upon us. Nifty has conquered the 18604 it hit last in October 2021. So far, broader market has not participated in this run, however green shoots are appearing.

The entire month belonged to Metals, Oil and gas and the Value factor.

Here is a weekly update on our strategies.



MWM  earned 1.61% this week to close at 273.26% total returnsOur Overall outperformance to benchmarks is at 170.88%. The current Drawdown stands at  –10.99%  We have averaged 25.70% CAGR since April 2017.





This week will have 1 Entry and 1 exit.




Mystic Wealth Value is On fire. Last week was a 4% increase, this week, its up 2%. Overall return stands at 183.63% since inception which is 20.36% CAGR. We have 20% in cash. Strategy outperformance to benchmarks stands at 81.25%. Over the last 3 years, MWV has clocked 33% CAGR making it one of the best options in the industry!!






This week will have 1 partial exit (Profit booking) and 1 New entry.



MMG was up 2.19% this week. hitting an ATH to close at 6.67% return so far This is a smallcase with 70/30 Equity-Gold allocation. A lot of our clients use this smallcase to run their own set-ups on the shortlisted names . this portfolio shortlists 30 top momentum stocks with ample liquidity. adjusted for their volatility.




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Happy Weekend.