Weekly update: for week ending 24th Feb, 2023

WEEK that was

Nifty fell for the 7th day in a row on Friday to close at 17,465.80 (down 2.7% in a week). Post Adani saga, Bears are in total control of the markets. The budget lows will hold a key in the coming days. MMG outperformed the markets due to gold exposure whereas MWV fell at par with the markets.


Here is a weekly update on our strategies.





MWM  lost -0.81% this week to close at 232.85% total returns. Our Overall outperformance to benchmarks has come down to 143%. The current Drawdown stands at  -20.63%  We have averaged 22.23% CAGR since April 2017.







This week will have 3 Exits and NO entries.


Gold is acting as a great hedge and MMG is outperforming the benchmarks. Watch this video to understand the power of Asset Allocation.









MWV lost 2.66% this week.  The current return stands at 160.41% which is 17.75% CAGR since 2017. The current drawdown is -8.19% and our outperformance to benchmark is now at 77.16%








This week will have 1 exit








MMG was down -0.691% this week. to close at 4.09% return so far with a drawdown at -2.42%. This is a 70/30 Equity-Gold allocation.







With that its a wrap.


Mystic Wealth.