Weekly update: for week ending 16th Sep, 2022

WEEK that was


Markets took a breather this week and followed their US counterparts which corrected with the fear of further FED rate hikes after above-expectation inflation numbers  IT sector in particular took it on the chin.

#MWV is on fire off -late. Current outperformance to benchmarks has increased to 79%

Here is a weekly update on our strategies.



MWM  lost -0.36 this week and gained 3.73% last week to close at 273.05% total returnsOur Overall outperformance to benchmarks is at 183.28%. The current Drawdown stands at  –11%. We have averaged 26.80% CAGR since April 2017.






This week will have 2 Entry and 2 exit.



#MWM is a 20-stock Automated, Multi-cap Model portfolio selected on the basis of Price momentum. It has broader market filters to sit in cash in bear markets.


#MWM is a wonderful way to take “Momentum” factor exposure in your portfolio. The entire idea is to capture the Alpha, by falling lesser than the broader markets in bad days and be with fast movers in good days.

We did a Twitter spaces last week which was very well received with 7000 listeners tuning in.

Here is a link in case you missed it







Mystic Wealth Value gained 3.39% this week and 1.69% last week. Our Overall return stands at 168.81% since inception. Which is 20% CAGR. We have 7% in cash. Strategy outperformance to benchmarks stands at 79.05%. MWV on smallcase has delivered a 31% CAGR return in the last 3 years.




This week will have 01 partial Exit in #MWV Smallcase



MMG has gained 2.60% last week and lost -3.32% this week. The current drawdown is at -3.32% This is a new smallcase with 70/30 Equity-Gold allocation. Next rebalance update will be pushed on 1 Oct. This is a monthly rebalance strategy.








The Annual subscription of MMG is Rs 6500/ only.

Watch this video to understand the POWER of Asset Allocation in Momentum Investing.




Discount for existing members.




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