Weekly update: for week ending 08 Jan, 2022

WEEK that was

There is nothing much to say except that Bull run is ON. Bears are busy finding the reason WHY. what exactly has changed. Nifty has gained 800 points since 17th Dec/2021. Santa did come afterall.

Here is a weekly update on our strategies.



MWM website gained 1.96% this week. We closed at  295.64% returns since inceptionOur Overall out performance to benchmarks is now at 202.82%. Current Drawdown stands at -5.65%


This week will have NO changes in both MWM website and Smallcase.



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Last 02 year CAGR of our Smallcase is at of 86.38%. which is an excellent performance whichever way you cut it. You can download the smallcase excel sheet from here


Now is a good time as any to bring your attention to the power of Asset Allocation. Your exposure should be in accordance to your pain thereshold. Please watch this Video we prepared to bring this point home.



#MWM is a 20 stock Automated, Multi-cap Model portfolio selected on the basis of Price momentum. It has broader market filters to sit in cash in bear markets.


#MWM is a wonderful way to take “Momentum” factor exposure in your portfolio. The entire idea is to capture the Alpha, by falling lesser than the broader markets in bad days and be with fast movers in good days.



Please note that MWM smallcase and MWM website have separate set of stocks now and therefore performance would be different. Please find below MWM smallcase graph.





Mystic Wealth value was up 2.95% this week. Our Overall return stands at  139% returns since inception. Which is 19.72% CAGR. We have 14% still in cash. Strategy outperformance to benchmarks stand at 46.23%


This week will have 3 complete exits and 03 pyramids into exsiting positions in both MWV website and Smallcase.


MWV is run by Dayanand Deshpande who is considered an authority on Special situation Investing in India. Over the years, Demergers as a theme has generated amazing wealth for our long term clients.

Checkout our MWV strategy page on website


To know more about underlying philosophy at MysticWealth Value (MWV). Please watch this detailed webinar




#MWO. MysticWealth Options:


MWO lost 0.22% this week.

Our Current DD is at -16.46%. with a total return of 44.65% (7.9% CAGR). We are underperforming the buy and hold Nifty by -48.17%.

MWO is a Option writing Model portfolio aimed at generating income from idle (cash/pledge). We aim to generate 18-25% annual return with around same drawdowns.



You can know more about MWO here.


We wish you a merry chrismas and a Happy New Year,

Have a Great weekend!!!