Week ending 6th August/2021

WEEK that was

Nifty broke though on the upside and is out of congestion. After spending, what felt like eternity at 16k psychological mark, it seems we are on to greener pastures.

Broader markets showed some divergence this week and did not rally as much as Nifty but its too early to say.

Both Our Model portfolios did really well.


Here is a weekly update on our strategies.




MWM website gained a cool 3.26% this week to close at ATH of 306.99% returns since inception. Our Overall out performance to benchmarks stand at 231.22%



This week will have 1 Exits and 01 Additions in Both MWM website and smallcase.

Smallcase is up 125.09% year on year and 11.64% Month on Month.

Check out our latest MWM strategy page on website



#MWM is a 20 stock Automated, Multi-cap Model portfolio selected on the basis of Price momentum. It has broader market filters to sit in cash in bear markets.

If you want to know more about HOW momentum investing works, read our moneycontrol article

#MWM is a wonderful way to take “Momentum” factor exposure in your portfolio. The entire idea is to capture the Alpha, by falling lesser than the broader markets in bad days and be with fast movers in good days.


Mystic Wealth value is at  124.90% returns since inception. Which is 20.14% CAGR. We have 22% still in cash. Strategy outperformance to benchmarks stand at 49.12%

 This week will have 1 addition in Both MWV website and smallcase.



MWV is run by Dayanand Deshpande who is considered an authority on Special situation Investing in India. Over the years, Demergers as a theme has generated amazing wealth for our long term clients.

Checkout our MWV strategy page on website

Now you can Visit the DASHBOARD page to see LIVE snapshot of ALL 03 strategies. It is a 01 stop PAGE for everything at MysticWealth.




MWO. MysticWealth Options:

Our Current DD is at 15.04%. with a total return of 46.84% (9.09% CAGR)

MWO is a Risk defined Option writing Model portfolio aimed at generating income from idle (cash/pledge). We aim to generate 18-25% annual return with around same drawdowns.

You can know more about MWO here.


Latest webinar comparing MWM with UTI Momentum fund.



Latest blog explaining MWM Vs smallcap Index.




Feel free to contact us at info@mysticwealth.in for any questions and concerns.


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