Real-Time Performance

How do you know the difference between GOOD, BAD and UGLY in absence of performance appraisal? The business channels strive on this LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Without a Scorecard every Joker plays on human nature of forgetting the total score and concentrating on the emphasized winner. Remember the image of ‘Sreesanth’ dancing after hitting a Six.

There has to be a transparent system which separates chaff from the wheat. If you fail, it should show on your Performance metrics and graph. If you do well, you don’t have to boast it off, your Performance worm Vs indices should do the talking. We feel India has grown enough to come out of the clutches of NO skin in the game, NO accountability clowns.

Keeping the above in mind, We will be launching a Model Portfolio subscription service for all the 03 portfolios MysticWealth deals with. Momentum, Value and Options.**

A detailed section entailing the nuances of each segment will be shared on the website later but for time being let us have a look at how the performance will be measured and accounted for.

All the 03 segments will be judged on following parameters.

Overall Curve Vs Indices

Win/loss ratio

PIE chart breakup of allocation.

Average Win/loss

Among other things, we will also keep a tap on no of days a position is held, %age of cash held in the portfolio and other miscellaneous data points.

Please note that the above charts are just hypothetical and do not constitute original stats. The original stats will start forming after the launch. We will be updating Value and Options statistics every month, while Momo stats would need a fortnight update.

Idea is very simple, without a scorecard, you cannot differentiate between a Sreesanth and a Tendulkar. For Good or bad, everything should be documented.

**You will be glad to know that MysticWealth has become a separate entity. A limited liability Partnership between Manish Dhawan and Dayanand Deshpande who is in a process of becoming a SEBI registered RIA.