MMG (Mystic Momo Gold)




MMG is a 70/30 Momentum Gold Factor research offering of Mystic Wealth.

Please watch the below video explaining the details.



Momentum and Gold. Is that a good combination?

Momentum is a documented factor with serious Alpha. It has outperformed all other factors in India in the last 20 years.  The only drawback is that it is volatile. You can smoothen the curve by introducing gold to the mix.  


Where can I read more about it? 

We have done an extensive webinar on this subject, please go through it here


How can I Avail this Factor Research.

We have tied up with Smallcase for ease of execution You can subscribe to our smallcase directly.

SmallCase Subscription


How are trades Executed ?


MMG smallcase members receive an email once in a month with an actionable button to activate the recommended changes. They can also log in to their smallcase account (broker a/c as well or the app) to see the proposed changes.

We recommend you subscribe to Newsletter which is sent every weekend updating you on the changes well in advance.


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