Launch of M.W.T.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls. We are pleased to announce that Mystic Wealth has tied up with Small case. Its a nice WIN WIN.

We would be running Mystic Wealth tortoise (M.W.T) using the Small case platform which will help in automating the administrative part of maintaining and following the model portfolio for clients.

What is SMALL CASE. Please visit their website to know more, in a nutshell it is a wonderful aggregator platform which has tied up with 07 leading brokers (more to come) to help end user manage systematic portfolios (small cases).

So if you are clients with any of the below brokers and wish to use Mystic Wealth Totoise, wait no further as small case platform works like a breeze and saves you the administrative hassle of multiple buys, sells and tracking.

Zerodha Securities, AxisDirect, Edelweiss Securities, HDFC Securities, 5 paisa, Alice blue and Kotak Securities.



We have Priced M.W.T (Mystic Wealth Tortoise at Rs 1599/ year).

How do you measure if this amount is low, high or reasonable.

If you are currently a mutual fund customer via an advisor, you are paying more than 1% of your AUM/SIP as commission. So for an investment of Rs 10 lakh you shell out Rs 10,000. You do not see this charge as it gets deducted from your mutual funds NAV to be paid to your advisor.

Success of a long term investment lies in cutting the cost and cutting the manager risk.

We achieve that with M.W.T as we select ETFs and not a mutual fund.

Please go to our micro-site and see how the strategy has performed over the years.

Rs 1599/year ensures that our fees does not eat into your compounding.

Flow Chart

to Kick start your investments with MysticWealth Small case.

Step 1. Go to our micro website

Step 2. Select the strategy you are interested in. (Currently we are running only M.W.T (Trend following on Index).

Step 3. As this is a private small case, click on the “REQUEST AN INVITE” and fill in your details.

Step 4. Once we receive your response, an automated mail would be sent to you requesting KYC formalities and a payment link will be provided.

Step 5. That’s it. Welcome to Mystic Wealth family, from here on you will receive an email at designated re-balancing day and All you need is 01 click to implement it on your account.

P.S. You need to do this separately for each strategy.

If you are a MWM member (our signature dish), You get M.W.T access for free.


Added benefit.

You can NOW enroll for SIP in your chosen strategy, thanks to smallcase.

More applicable in case of our MWT (Mystic Wealth tortoise)

For any explanation, feel free to email us at