Chess Scholarship.


Mystic Wealth is proud to announce a tie-up with Chess base India in instituting a MysticWealth Chess Scholarship of Rs 1.5 lakh.

ChessBase is doing some pioneering work in promoting chess In India. From an obscure game a few years ago, it has started to become a household passion, all thanks to painstaking work of promotion and coverage done by Sagar Shah and his team.


Chess has always been close to our heart, in fact we are of the opinion that every Investor/trader should learn and play this game.

Along with poker, chess teaches you to take decisions in incomplete information, it teaches you how to calculate, evaluate, and factor in probabilities.

Here and here, we wrote blogs about how chess imparts direct lessons that are applicable in real-world investing.


Not many people know that Chess at a professional level is an expensive sport. One would think that all that is needed is a 64 square board and the pieces.

To get Norms for IM (International Master), a player needs to continue to improve his skills and coaching doesn’t come cheap. Apart from that, he/she need to travel all across the world to qualify for these norms.

Not many can afford this and the talent goes a begging.

Government can do only so much; this bridge needs to be filled by private players.


Chess has a bright future in India, The pool of talented players just keeps increasing. We have been watching Chessbase India work hard in nurturing this sports culture. Instead of watching from the sidelines, we decided to jump in and do our bit. Hopefully this 1.5 lakh will help some talented chess players in fulfilling their short-term goals. We will look to increase this amount in the coming years.

Here is the chessbase article.



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